Malizi Doghouse & Kristýna Malinovská  Dogstar's Gang & Daniel Hanák




  • Both kennel names are registered under the FCI (federation cynologique internationale)
  • We are officially registered breeders with trade licence.
  • According to the veterinary care act, we are registered with the state veterinary administration.
  • We are breeders with many years of experience specializing in the Tosa inu breed. Vast majority of our dogs we imported to the Czech Republic for the purpose of blood revival. We focus on breeding in the traditional red and rare black color.
  • All our breeding dogs are officially tested And evaluated for dysplasia by veterinary doctor - expert - according to the valid international breeding code - according to the guidelines of the FCI. 
  • Through selection , Long - term practice, And our own knowledge we have archieved excellent results in dysplasia Testing.  


Our puppies are Born at home, where the female And the puppies have their own room, their peace And their privacy. They are born "in our hand" which means that the entre bith take place with our assistance And under the supervision of a veterinary doctor. So puppies are in contact with us right from birth. 

The basis of our puppies for proper development is quality food, enough stimuli and contact with humans and our entire pack, staying and moving in the fresh air in any weather. The puppies are healthy and in almost 20 years of breeding we have never had a cold or sick puppy.


Our puppies receive 24/7 care, which means we attend to them every day - all day.


The mother of the puppies receives the same quality care - which is the basis for everything, the basis for successful breeding of a healthy, numerous litter of puppies.


It is not important for us that new owners Will participate in cynological events (exhibitions), but important is a loving home for our puppies. So we don't insist on exhibitions and we don't force anyone to do so, it depends on everyone whether they have exhibition ambitions or not... However, it doesn't change the fact that you can of course choose a beautiful and top-quality puppy from us :-) Puppies are usually reserved shortly after birth, so contact us in advance if you are interested in a puppy.


Of course, all puppies that go to new homes have an FCI pedigree (pedigree).


At the time when puppy leave to new home , each of you will receive a purchase contract, as well as instructions on how to care for, feed and raise the dog, at the same time you will receive a written instruction for new owners, where you will find useful advice.




  • vaccinated appropriately for age
  • dewormed several times - 2,4,6,8... - 10,12 weeks 
  • marked with a microchip
  • accustomed to being outside during the day to adopt hygienic habits
  • fed with top quality feed


We carefully select each dog for breeding, taking into account the required characteristics, both himself and including his ancestors in several generations. As one of the few breeders, we carry out selection and do not include individuals unsuitable for any reason into breeding. We choose dogs for breeding and do not necessarily breed on every dog we acquire.


In our concept of breeding, we use only top dogs that meet our exacting requirements. We carefully select parent pairs several years in advance before the actual litter of puppies.


Some of our offspring live in families with handicapped children, where they basically fulfill the function of a canine therapy dog.



Transport/shipping is possible to any country. We can arrange all the documentation that is needed for safe And proffesional shipping to the particular country. 

We ship regularly And we help with everything so all the proces is for new owner very simple. 

The puppies are Very well socialized and are prepared by us for traveling by plane or car, and because of this, travelling is stres-free for them.


If you are interested in this amazing breed with an imposing appearance, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to your visit :-)


If you have any questions feel free to text me or call me.



We are located in Czech republic - Europe. 

In small Village called Rymice, postal code 76901. 

Phone :  +420 737 579 015  - Whatsapp / Viber 
E-mail:   dogsmd27@gmail.com
Web:     www.malizidoghouse.cz




Kontakt - Contact

Kontaktní adresa - Contact adress


FCI KENNEL´S Malizi Doghouse & Dogstar´s Gang

Kristýna Malinovská & Daniel Hanák


Chovatelská stanice Malizi Doghouse

Kristýna Malinovská

IČO : 75698048 

Chovatelská stanice Dogstar´s Gang

Daniel Hanák

IČO : 09806661 

Adresa :

Rymice 23, 76901 (okres Kroměříž) 

Czech republic - Europe 

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Návštěvní hodiny : Pondělí - Neděle

                                 13:00 - 20:00 


Tel.:     +420 737 579 015
E-mail:   dogsmd27@gmail.com
Web:     www.malizidoghouse.cz

For English/WhatsApp/Viber  +420 737 579 015

If you have any questions About puppies / shipping juist text me or call me.


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